Centralized vs Decentralized Exchanges

It is a question on the mind of every trader. Whether to use a centralised or decentralised cryptocurrency exchange can really tough choice. We first need to understand the fundamental differences between the two, before we can make a decision. Let us spare a few minutes to identify which platform…

BTC Continues to Dump - 26K New Bottom?

BTC/USD Daily forecast

BTC/USD price has been in a correction phase for the last few months and the price has taken a sharp dip of late. The last consecutive three 4H candlesticks are all down and touching the 29,950 USD mark. The market has broken its support and may reach a low of…

The Difference between DeFi vs CeFi

DeFi or Decentralized Finance has been the buzzword within the crypto space for the last year or so. We have all heard that DeFi is probably going to revolutionise the banking sector and the traditional finance industry someday soon. But what exactly is the difference between DeFi and CeFi, or…

Binance for Beginners - How to Get Started


Binance is probably the best place to start for crypto beginners because it’s the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. As of 2021, they boast over 50,000,000 users globally. In 2020 they recorded an all-time high for 24-hour spot trading volume of over $15 billion in one day. …

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Real Estate Professional by day — Crypto Blogger by night. Self-proclaimed Beer enthusiast. https://bitmarkcrypto.com https://twitter.com/mark_thiel

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